7 Golden Rules for writing an InMail on LinkedIn

What are InMails?

InMail messages are private messages that enable you to contact or be directly contacted by another LinkedIn member. Used correctly, it’s a very powerful tool that allows you to reach anyone on LinkedIn!

Why use InMail?

The power of your network is your second and third degree network. InMail is an effective tool for reaching out outside your direct network. Increase the effectiveness through social listening – Make your InMails personal and really connect. Use the benefits of social to make you successful!

How to write a successful InMail? Follow the 7 Golden Rules

1. You are a selling conversation not a product

Remember you are trying to have a conversation, and not sell your product. Imagine you are meeting this person in real life, build a relationship by having a conversation first. Establish rapport and make sure the other person feels comfortable. Start with a social opening to allow the receiver to connect with you.

2. Use a compelling subject line

Make sure your InMail gets opened! Therefore, choose a subject line that triggers interest and curiosity. Get creative and think what kind of subject line you would want to read. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer.

“Personal invitation to Technology Summit” or “Overcome daily challenges in Marketing”

3. Keep it concise

I use as a rule of thumb the one swipe-rule. Make sure to keep it short and concise, emphasizing the business value.

4. Ask questions and leave room for the conversation to continue

It’s not about you, your prospect lies in the focus. Same as your LinkedIn Profile, also your InMail should be written in a customer-centric way. Engage the other by asking questions and signalize your interest.

5. Make it personal, use info you find online

Customize every InMail you send. All individuals have different needs, do your research online and make sure you address those needs.

“I saw on LinkedIn that you are currently working as Social Selling Coach at Tricycle Europe. I thought the article you have written about ‘how to write a Killer LinkedIn Summary’ was very relevant and especially helpful.“

6. Make it about the potential customer

Provide the business value or solution that you can offer.

“Sales and Marketing are two strongly interlinked departments and both are crucial for the success of the organization. Next week I will meet with the Marketing Manager but I would like to talk to you first as Sales priorities have a great impact on Marketing decisions.”

7. End it with a call to action

Bring in some action and dare to make the ask. What do you want? Schedule a call, ask for a meeting, whatever it is, make sure to state your intention.

“Want to know how to build new relationships online using social media networks, create new business opportunities and grow your sales pipeline?

Click here to schedule a quick 15 minute call to discuss your project.”

Success with writing your InMails and keep me posted how it goes.

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