How to Successfully use the Sales Navigator App by LinkedIn

Most of us want to operate to the best of our ability, have a sense of ownership over our work and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when crossing off tasks from our to-do list. New tools, such as the Sales Navigator App from Linkedin, add value when we are able to integrate them into our routine. That’s why I am sharing a simple method with you – using my phone it only takes me a couple of minutes every day allowing me to find new leads and accounts that match my interests.

Invest 5 min daily to identify 10 new business opportunities every day!

Still in doubt about how this works? Maybe my back-of-the-envelope calculation can convince you.

The SN app suggests 5 leads per day to you, meaning that you are able to review 25 leads per week, which adds up to 1300 leads per year. Imagine that! Around 70 % of these saved leads are interesting for you in the long-term and you decide to observe their online activity. After engaging with your leads, you manage to connect with 40 % of them resulting in a conversation or meeting online or / and offline. This translates into 364 potential customers per year, which equals about 91 Sales Qualified Leads per quarter that can generate revenue. Did I catch your attention? Great, so let’s discover how to do it.

Disclaimer: these numbers are a rough estimation and based on my own experiences. The value of your SQL strongly depends on the quality of your searches. I’ll discuss in my next article how to maximize the quality of the results.

“I don’t have the time” is no longer an excuse: Here’s the how to find new business opportunities every day!

  1. Download the Sales Navigator App on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Set your Sales Navigator Preferences: be precise here, this is your ideal customer profile, therefore define geography, industry, company size and function that could be potentially interesting for you.
  3. Hit the “Discover” button and start swiping: Left if you aren’t interested, right to see the next lead / account.
  4. Press “Save” if you find relevant people and companies to save them as leads and accounts in your Sales Navigator, this allows you to track their online activity
  5. In case you don’t find any interesting leads / accounts using the “Discover” function, re-consider your sales preferences. Sales Navigator uses these preferences and your search pattern to provide you with new lead and account recommendations.

Opportunity nurturing

You saved relevant people as leads and companies as accounts to track their online activity using Sales Navigator. Let the app do the work for you by seeing it as your business newspaper that you read every morning to be informed on what’s happening within your accounts, market news, industry trends and lead updates.

Imagine you are sitting on a roundtable discussing one of your professional topics of interest. Are you going to lean back and be silent? No, you’ll observe the conversation, identify the opinion leaders and engage in a discussion. Take this offline behavior to the online environment. Dare to voice your thoughts, be the subject matter expert and add value and knowledge to your network. Your readers will thank you, you will be able to build a follower base and eventually build a sales pipeline.

Click here to download the Sales Navigator App:


Extra tip: Synchronize SN with your Calendar to receive meeting briefings

Do your research before you go into a meeting and start at +10 instead of 0 just because of the information you have found online.

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