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Improve your Digital Footprints & Sales

Just as a motivational speech by a public speaker can be life changing, a keynote speech delivered by an expert can be business changing. The raw power of a keynote speech can subsequently yield great returns to the business.

With my own formula for successful strategies through social selling, I have delivered keynote lectures with a range of top universities as well as companies across various countries and industries. With use of methods like NLP, these speeches are inspiring as well as custom-made based on the demographics and the overall profile of the audience.

While I try to address the urgent needs of the organization or event, the focus is always on how to achieve the immediate goals.

With power-packed delivery, I break down successful campaigns to present the perfect recipe of what can turn your business around. I also reveal some of the fundamental myths and mistakes associated with LinkedIn communication, while offering practical solutions along the way.

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Would you like to inspire your clients and partners, thereby showing them a cohesive vision that can drives everyone towards the same purpose?

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Here is a glimpse into some of my keynote addresses that changed the course of business for some giant companies:

Microsoft Event
Microsoft event mobile
Women in tech event
Women in tech mobile
Bechtle event
Bechtle event mobile
Lufthansa event
Lufthansa event mobile
Akzo Nobel event
Akzo Nobel Event mobile
India event
India event mobile

“To ask the value of speech is like asking the value of life.” 

Alexander Graham Bell


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Franziska delivered a social selling workshop at the global GG headquarters in Vienna, Austria attended by a diverse team of experts from HR, Marketing and Sales. Franziska was able to excite our team and leave us feeling motivated and energized to invest our time in Social Selling. She explained how new techniques will help us attract the right talent, attain quota, drive pipeline and speed up sales cycles even for an engineering company in a very traditional automotive industry. I'd recommend Franziska as a great coach for any organization interested in new ways of doing business. Get ready for a fully immersive hands-on experience!

Jethro DiMeo

Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Gebauer & Griller

Obwohl unser Team bei Beginn des Social Media Workshops unterschiedlichste Erfahrungen und Wissensstände hatte, hat es Franziska mühelos geschafft, jeden einzelnen Teilnehmer dort abzuholen, wo er gerade stand. Dadurch war sowohl eine stetige Lernkurve sowie Motivation für alle gegeben. Viele Praxisbeispiele, Ideen und Anregungen haben einen dynamischen Prozess gestartet und mittlerweile bekomme ich fast jeden Tag ein Mail mit „Wie hoch ist Dein SSI heute?“....Challenge accepted!

Bernd Kuchar

Leiter Marketing, Bechtle

Recently I participated in a Social Selling Session for Microsoft in which Franziska was the presenter/coach. I definitely enjoyed this invaluable and meaningful engagement with her. The guidance Franziska provided has opened my mind to the vast things that can be achieved with LinkedIn, and will take my profile to greater heights of effectiveness. Franziska was more than willing to assist me even after the session was completed, and it doing so has helped further strengthen my Linkedin profile.

I truly appreciate the time she spent going above and beyond to help transform my profile and make it relevant to dynamic and ever changing business environment of today.

THANK YOU, Franziska!.

Sean C. Brown

Sr. Technical Account Manager, Microsoft

For me - trying to create and maintain a digital / social presence seemed like a rather daunting task. After participating in a Social Selling Session conducted by Franziska - it was a truly eye-opening and insightful discussion on the impact of what Social Selling can accomplish in this digital age. While I'm in the process of honing my personal brand and implementing the recommendations she provided - the information and guidance will greatly assist me in achieving this now - not so daunting task. I look forward to receiving further input and advice, as well as having future discussions with Franziska on continuing to hone and refine my profile to convey information, insights, and interests with both current connections and potential new ones through my social presence on LinkedIn. Thanks Franziska for your time, patience and invaluable insight!

John Rayborn

Senior Consultant, Microsoft