What does "success" actually mean? Social Selling Coach Franziska Schaadt used to think that it meant going to a top university and then working as a consultant for the BIG-5. But in the course of her studies, she had to realize that this was not really going to fulfill her personally.

At a young age, Franziska started to look at life from a different perspective. Looking more inward instead of outward when it comes to personal goals. And to be radically honest with herself. That's why her definition of success changes regularly.

At the age of 22, she founded her successful social selling company FRANSCHA and is now also a very successful international keynote speaker. But the contrast between the success on stage and the emptiness in her hotel room led her to change her personal definition of success again.

And then when a tumor diagnosis initially turned her life upside down, she was allowed to learn again what it means to love herself completely and to deal with this new challenge with acceptance instead of rejection, to continue to be an entrepreneur and leader as well as to prioritize her happiness in life.