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FRANSCHA primarily advises international IT companies and shows them how they can use B2B social media networks to strengthen customer relationships and find new business opportunities. In addition, Franziska Schaadt coaches executives and also addresses the B2C sector with the BoldLinkedIn Bootcamp.

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A1 Digital advises companies on digital transformation issues and supports them in the digitization of their business areas. It is part of the Telekom Austria Group and thus of América Móvil.

Trend Micro is one of the leading international providers of cybersecurity and market leader in cloud security. Its solutions enable companies and end-users to securely exchange digital information.

Would you like to know how we helped Bechtle IT Systemhouse in shortening their sales cycle and positioning themselves as a market leader through social selling?

Would you like to know how social selling and professional branding helped Microsoft Partners transform their image online and attract more prospects?

Jan Lommatzsch

"You only explained to me my need 6 months ago! I have understood it – I was really missing something. Within 6 months I have completely turned on my own axis and today I can't imagine working without social selling!” he says and continues with a wink “Not even on my vacation."

Philipp Mirtl

Beyond how to design your profile and professional most effectively, my absolute aha-experience was that LinkedIn is not a first-person-shoot, but a great tool for collaboration! We work together by validating our knowledge, making recommendations, and best of all, sharing lists, tagging leads in them and working together.

Markus Fleischer

„I had used LinkedIn in the past to connect with people I already knew and was not aware of the relevance of social selling. With the coaching, I have now acquired profound knowledge on how to really “get to work” on LinkedIn. I was surprised how fast I was able to celebrate personal successes and harvest professional fruits with a few changes!“

Wolfgang Wündsch

Wolfgang has really caught fire and doesn't want to miss LinkedIn anymore! His employer benefits from various new customers and six-figure project inquiries, which Wolfgang was able to generate exclusively via LinkedIn. "Thanks to FRANSCHA, I have the cooker, the pan and the eggs ready for use, but I have to fry the scrambled eggs myself"

Carsten Bartsch

Suddenly I got the hang of it: The network started to respond to my posts! "The extremely charming a...kick of our coach, first opened my eyes for the subtleties of a truly professional profile. Even more: I learned ingenious content strategies to maximize the interaction with my network. I give the Bootcamp a whopping 10+ of 10 points!

Tanja Menne-Leander

One of my bigger challenges was finding my own interesting topics to post in my network. "The statement of another participant about my LinkedIn profile – he would have no idea what I do exactly – became a turning point for me. 10 weeks later, my profile has an understandable thread and meaning and my expertise has become more visible".

Sonja Heintschel

"I had gotten completely bogged down in the social media channels and the fear of posting nonsense inhibited me enormously from interacting with my network in any way. The Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp helped me to bundle my energies again, to become successfully visible in my market segment with clear positioning and to leave my comfort zone painlessly".

Tobias Eickelpasch

"I had wanted to dive into the depths of social selling for a long time, but at the same time I had doubts whether I would survive a boot camp. After 10 weeks of stretching, kneeling and perfecting, I can say: it was worth it! I now know which content strategies lead to success. And when strangers tell me that my profile looks professional, I must have done a lot of things right.”

Alex Eggers

„Richtig Klick hat es bei mir erst gemacht, als über LinkedIn ein erster Lead reinkam. Da wusste ich, jetzt möchte ich mich nicht mehr nur auf mein selbst zusammengetragenes Wissen verlassen, sondern professionelle Unterstützung, um das ganze Business-Potenzial des Kanals auszuschöpfen. Nach 10 Wochen Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp kann ich definitiv sagen: die Investition hat sich ausgezahlt!“