Alexander Eggers


Alex Eggers


Microsoft MVP,
Teams Expert for SMB,
Advocate, Speaker


Germany, Europe


BLB 4.0

"It only really clicked when a first lead came in via LinkedIn. That's when I knew I didn't want to solely rely on my own knowledge, but rather on professional support to realize the full business potential of the channel. After 10 weeks in Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp, I can definitely say: the investment has paid off!

I am Managing Partner of epc GmbH. We are a system house for SME customers and our focus is on the modern workplace and the public cloud. We especially focus on Office 365 and Azure topics.

Despite my background, I got into the whole LinkedIn story somewhat amateurishly. I thought to myself ‘what could interest people there ? How can I position myself and maybe even turn contacts into customers?’ Right from the start, my posts were successful. That may have been due to my current topics and the corresponding interest in the community.

My decision for the Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp

However, it only really clicked when the first customer suddenly came in with a direct inquiry. That was blatant. At that moment, I realized that LinkedIn can be an effective channel for leads. In that moment, it was also clear for me that I now need professional help.

How I have experienced the Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp

FRANSCHA's Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp came at the perfect time and offered me the opportunity to move up from being a LinkedIn amateur to becoming a LinkedIn professional. I then met a motley group of people from different professional backgrounds and with incredibly exciting stories, and perspectives. It was precisely this diversity that gave our teamwork a sensational boost. In addition to the basics such as a perfect profile photo, a meaningful background image, an info section that flirts with the reader immediately, etc., we dealt very intensively with content as well as content strategies.

All of us are often so operationally blind that we don't even notice how we are being perceived by outsiders. The Bootcamp was perfect in this respect, because we were able to create the basis to be seen more professionally by the target group.

My conclusion

I was able to clearly expand my presence and visibility and position myself as an expert. This has also created a certain familiarity with my target group. I notice that I am now receiving completely different inquiries and really qualified leads. I am no longer one among many, but the go-to expert.

From my Bootcamp experience, I would like to tell other entrepreneurs that it is important to have a basic strategy for what you want to achieve. Getting external help for this is worthwhile. The Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp is a great format that really helps you. The FRANSCHA team has extensive expertise and you can tell they are real experts in the field. The Bootcamp is an investment - but one that will definitely come back!

Executive coaching

Franziska is a highly professional social selling expert. What also characterizes Franziska is her very good way to train people. Above all, to motivate the participants. It's a lot of fun to work with her and I can only recommend it to anyone.

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