Carsten Bartsch


Carsten Bartsch


Unternehmer & Professor
für Marketing und Strategie


Germany, Europe


BLB 4.0

"To be honest: I joined the boot camp as a typical know-it-all! I already had a successful LinkedIn profile and thought, you can't do much better. I was wrong. The extremely charming kick up the arse by our coach, first opened my eyes for the subtleties of a truly professional profile. Even more: I learned ingenious content strategies to maximize the interaction with my network. I give the Bootcamp a whopping 10+ of 10 points!

In my role as an academic, I have been a professor of marketing and strategy for 10 years. And in my role as a consultant with 20 years of experience I am Managing Partner of an internationally active consulting platform. Being an entrepreneur, I am now part of my start-up number 8.

Before the Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp, the typical unhealthy mixture of professor and consultant was: I know everything, I can do everything – where I am, everything is done right. I entered the Bootcamp with this self-confidence. I already had a successful LinkedIn presence with many likes and comments! So I thought: Let's see if Team FRANSCHA can teach you something else.

My Wake Up Call

Well, Patrizia, from the Team FRANSCHA, kicked me in the a… right from the start. On my profile I had neither a meaningful background picture nor a decent short description about me! I felt like a student who failed miserably.

My Transformation

I then praised improvement and immediately started working on my profile. Under the motto "overcoming laziness", I began to try out new things under the guidance of Patrizia, for example, recording my own videos for the first time and posting them in my network. I then even tested different formats against each other and had to find out again and again that Patrizia's predictions regarding reach and interaction were accurate. Incredibly valuable during this time was the feedback from the group, the unvarnished outside perspective, which oneself is not even capable of.

My Learnings

The most awesome learning experience for me in this Bootcamp was the incredible amount of tips and tricks I got to know. Especially the functionality of the LinkedIn algorithm is not easy to understand if you are not a professional in this field. By the way, I was already able to shine with my new know-how in a marketing and innovation meeting of our Silicon Valley booth ­– and I even caused some very red heads when I had to correct the marketing colleagues.

My Conclusion

I have done many coaching sessions and have given many myself – the way Patrizia from Team FRANSCHA did not just slam things down on us, but actually led us into our own learning experiences was simply great! I give the Bootcamp a 10+ of 10 points!

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