Jan Lommatzsch


Jan Lommatzsch


Channel & Alliance Manager IoT


Austria, Europe


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A1 Digital advises companies on digital transformation issues and supports them digitizing their various business areas. The focus is on industry-specific applications in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Cyber Security as well as on cloud-based products and solutions for the modern workplace. It is part of the Telekom Austria Group and thus part of América Móvil.

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Jan Lommatzsch is Channel & Alliance Manager IoT at A1 Digital. He is responsible for the sustainable development of an IoT Partner Ecosystem and the associated partner management. The Ecosystem includes consulting services, the IoT platform Cumulocity (Software AG), and the manufacturer of sensors. In his role, he acts as an overlay (staff position) function and close cooperation with sales colleagues is a matter of course to screen new trends in the market and derive direct solutions. New partners for Ecosystems are always being sought and Social Selling offers a possibility for Jan to make contacts. He was one of the participants in the A1 coaching program of FRANSCHA.

Initial situation

At the beginning of the coaching, Jan, like many others, had a LinkedIn profile but did not know exactly how to use it to increase his own brand equity. When he heard that his company was investing in social selling, he was initially reluctant but excited, because he had little contact with the content of the 6-month program so far, but it sounded quite exciting. And from his previous work with start-ups, he also knew that it was worth "being convinced" and never saying "this can't work".

The journey

At the beginning his profile was unmaintained and incomplete. If he was active on LinkedIn once a week, it was a lot. Jan used it more as an information tool, had never posted anything himself, and felt it was more of a necessary evil.


But that changed quickly: His user behavior changed completely. With LinkedIn & a coffee, he now starts the day. He is online every day, posted 2-3 times a week, and has expanded his network by 300 more exciting network partners. Jan really enjoys getting the latest industry news right at the start of the day. But it's also a bit of a curse & blessing because the large network also wants to be maintained. That's why he has his morning digital lesson firmly anchored in his diary. Jan is totally excited about what you can do with LinkedIn.


"It's amazing what 6 months of coaching can do to you! I once turned completely around my own axis! A 180-degree turn! And I can't even imagine anymore, how I can live without LinkedIn for 1-2 weeks on vacation (laughing)!”


It was work, of course. First, he had the goal to reach the magic 500 limit, that means to have more than 500 contacts because on the one hand, it shows a "500+ contacts on" at the top of the LinkedIn profile, on the other hand he heard from colleagues again and again that everything would suddenly change then. Starting from 250 contacts, he had a long way to go. He made it his business to scan various business cards he had accumulated and to gain valuable contacts through strategic network expansion, as he had learned from the FRANSCHA team. After all, quality should not be lost! And indeed, when he crossed the border, he suddenly had far more profile accesses, it started to live! And he began to love it. Now he doesn't want to do without LinkedIn anymore.

Jan Lommatzsch LinkedIn profile

Jan's opinion on social selling

Jan has recognized: LinkedIn is clearly not there for fun, but very valuable to build your brand and market yourself permanently. Social Selling also has a big impact on sales.


"I am sure that Social Selling will be the absolute standard in 2-5 years and will replace sales tasks such as classic acquisition, especially the mostly unpopular cold calling in the future. It is a great solution for sales and I am excited about what it can achieve.”

Push & Pull

"The first step is to make valuable contacts, deal with them and manage them, be active, post. First give, give, give, and then take! Push & Pull. And in the beginning, you have to put in more than you get – which is normal in sales. The distribution funnel. But the more you put in at the top, the more comes out at the bottom. And that also applies to LinkedIn. The more you post, comment, make webinars public, initiate discussions, the more present you are, the more you are noticed, pushed, and get feedback. Suddenly you are at a point where everything turns around! Suddenly, not only headhunters but also CEOs or others who want to get in touch with you, come in. Even though you may not yet know exactly how to work together. But you get in touch and know that there is someone with certain qualifications who I might be able to approach one day. Because you never know where the journey will take you!"

Personal highlights

"There was the first CEO who wrote to me and said that we should definitely get in touch with each other. And a start-up pope and influencer at LinkedIn gave me a Like. That was like a knighthood for me! A great highlight! You can see that the work you put into it is also bearing fruit.

What Jan liked about training

"The training was great, even though it was actually planned as face-to-face training. I was totally surprised by what is possible online. You build up a certain relationship with each other in 6 months. Through the many interactions, not only in the coaching sessions themselves but also all around, a very pleasant relationship has developed. Plus, the energy that my coaches Franziska & Patrizia radiated! You simply know that what they explain in theory is in their blood & they live it! Of course, we were also challenged. It was partly exhausting and time-intensive. If we were not able to meet a deadline, a guilty conscience arose. But Franziska & Patrizia were Good & Bad Cop in one and kept me on the ball with their insane commitment and that for 6 months! Those two did everything right! Great!" 

"You only explained to me my need 6 months ago! And yes, I understood it, I was really missing something."

What's next

"We will fight internally to continue with you and learn more, especially in terms of video presence. You just need professional support!"

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