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12 weeks

About Kramer & Crew

Kramer & Crew is the "IT director" of digital transformation. The Crew accompanies complex IT productions in companies, combines the broad spectrum of Crew solutions with SAP DigitalManagement and develops independent, personal and tailor-made services for the latest IT technologies. The customer spectrum ranges from global players to medium-sized businesses, organizations and associations.


FRANSCHA was commissioned to coach 19 crew members from the sales department in the area of social selling between March and June 2020 and to provide them with a modern sales technique.

Why did you decide to introduce Social Selling as a strategy in the company?

"Because it is a forward-looking customer loyalty, lead generation and competence transfer technology." 

D. Müller,
Sales Manager Cloud and Crew Business Services Kramer & Crew

Dominik Müller
Tobias Roth

"From our point of view, social selling is the future or at least a significant part of the future acquisition, because it is known that 70 % of customers, already 50 % of the purchase process, have gone through before the first interaction. 

T. Roth,
Head of marketing Kramer & Crew

The starting point for Team FRANSCHA:

Kramer & Crew is already very well known in the industry and stands for quality, innovation, flexibility and pleasure in what we do. However, the company had previously attracted attention more in the offline sector. Social networks were used by the 19 participants primarily as a kind of contact list or privately. The opportunity to present oneself as a reliable partner, to inform the customer and to build up trust even before the first customer contact was made, was little used so far. Lead generation took place primarily in a classic way. Questions about the optimal approach to the topic of social selling, content optimization and the use of the Sales Navigator were the main focus. The desire for more reach, specific leads & promising networks was expressed.


The challenges of the individual participants concerning their position in sales or marketing were primarily in lead generation, networking (networking with industries and industry experts, getting to know new people with projects), identifying business opportunities and convincing (new) customers to choose Kramer & Crew.

Concrete wishes of the participants:

  • Enhancement of skills in dealing with social media
  • Providing knowledge on how to properly exploit the sales potential of social media
  • Knowledge transfer on how to achieve sales goals faster and more effectively with social
  • Training in the safe and profitable use of the Sales Navigator
  • Creation of a basis for sales work with social media and practical integration into everyday
    sales activities
  • secure handling of posts & contact requests
  • first leads & dates acquisition via social selling

The Journey

It started with an 8-hour kick-off at Kramer & Crew in the Cologne headquarters. Here there was an introduction to the topic Social Selling & Personal Branding, followed by a deep dive in the form of webinars & individual online coaching on topics such as profile & content analysis. The program was accompanied by support mails, a closed LinkedIn group and further training on-site at Kramer & Crew in Cologne.


Right from the start, the FRANSCHA team was able to bring a spark into the company, which was passed on internally by the employees and thus small fires sprouted up everywhere, which made the topic of social selling shine & were on everyone's lips at Kramer & Crew. As with every journey, there were motivation highs and lows. However, the team spirit of Kramer & Crew really came to the fore: Individual employees who were really on fire helped their colleagues internally, picked up each other, motivated and inspired each other.

What has changed:

The participants reflected that they had recognized the huge opportunity for sales, the motivation is great. After the profiles were brought up to scratch and the participants now know exactly what is important both in the profile and in content creation and publication, how good content can be generated continuously and which techniques and networking effects play a role, numerous new contacts were made and LinkedIn with the Sales Navigator was successfully used as an acquisition tool. The participants learned how to scan other people's contributions and how to use social listening. The targeted search for accounts/leads was tackled, targeted contact and networking with contacts, also beyond colleagues and suppliers, is now part of everyone's useful toolbox. The procedure is clear, structured and can now be efficiently integrated into the daily sales routine. Interaction has increased for everyone, Kramer & Crew now presents itself in a modern way in the social media area.

What do the numbers say:

LinkedIn Social Selling Index – Tools for evaluating activity on LinkedIn

  • The number of contacts increased by 159 % on average.
  • The number of profile visitors in the last 90 days increased by 521 % on average.
  • The views of contributions increased on average by 271 %.
Kramer and Crew Numbers

Outcome for the company

Kramer & Crew and the participants now present themselves worth seeing on social media.

Motivated, trained salespeople who create great content and conduct professional, up-to-date customer acquisition using a large toolbox and a red guide.

A successful & efficient crew way for social selling was found.

New leads were generated and leads became customers.

Customers could be retained with further projects.

One customer was won by LinkedIn, initial project turnover >50.000 Euro.

Service level contracts could be concluded.

The program produced measurable results after a short time.

As a highlight, Tobias Roth, Head of Marketing, emphasized on behalf of all, how great and comprehensive FRANSCHA was able to bring the topic of social selling & its great importance to the employees. FRANSCHA has been able to make a real impact, which has left a lasting impression on the company. He is enthusiastic about the great skill set, consisting of tools & mindset, which the employees now have in their hands as a toolbox and is convinced that long-term, sustainable, very positive changes will also show up.


Do you also want your company to be future-proof in social selling & to fully exploit the potential of social media? Then arrange a personal phone call with Franziska, the founder of FRANSCHA.

Do you also want your company to act future-proof in social selling & to fully exploit the potential of social media? Then arrange a personal phone call with Franziska, the founder of FRANSCHA. Click Here

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