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A1 Digital advises companies on digital transformation issues and supports them digitizing their various business areas. The focus is on industry-specific applications in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Cyber Security as well as on cloud-based products and solutions for the modern workplace. It is part of the Telekom Austria Group and thus part of América Móvil.

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Markus Fleischer is a Digital/Technology Management Professional with +10 years of building new businesses, investment and business transformation experience in the IT/software-, pharma- and consumer goods sector. His special interest and passion is to leverage Artificial Intelligence on an executive level to create business value for organizations and the broader economy. He’s convinced it is the general purpose technology, that will shape our generation. He has developed various AI Frameworks and specific strategies for different multinationals to transform their core business into a fully data-based operating model. At A1 Digital he takes care of Strategy, Corporate Development and M&A. Markus was one of the participants in the A1 coaching program of FRANSCHA.

My initial situation

I had used LinkedIn in the past to connect with people I already knew. I consumed content passively and followed individual career progressions. I was not aware of the relevance of personal brand building and social selling in the context of business development and that oftentimes 70 % of the purchase decision already happens before the first contact. With the coaching, I have now acquired profound knowledge and the toolkit to really “get to work” on LinkedIn. I was surprised how fast I was able to celebrate personal successes and harvest professional fruits with a few changes!

Building a great network

In order to selectively expand my network, I took a strategic approach: I thought about who would be interesting for our product portfolio or our positioning, but also from whom I would like to hear and learn more. My personal list included contacts in the areas of AI (Artificial Intelligence) start-ups and entrepreneurs, digital transformation professionals, but also executives from medium-sized companies.

As I had recently published a whitepaper on AI strategy, I used this as a natural conversation starter.

I am also a member of alumni networks of IESE Business School, one of the most respected business schools in Europe. So I thought, why not get more engaged with the alumni network. I have received great responses from peers that  actively wanted to exchange ideas with me. I was also able to create win-win situations between different age groups, according to the motto "young learn from experienced & vice versa". My response rates were well over 50%.

Moments of succes

There were quite a few! This can be measured very well with the help of KPIs: Profile visitors, post views, comments & engagement. I had around 100 profile visitors in the last 90 days before the coaching, and was able to increase that number to 400 after the training! That is an increase of 300 %! My posts now receive between 1000-3000 views with appropriate engagement! I was also able to significantly expand my network well beyond existing contacts and colleagues.

Personal highlight: contacts at Harvard!

After trying a few things, I figured out, that contributions with a personal touch are well received on LinkedIn. During my summer vacation, I’ve read a great book on AI strategy and spontaneously took a photo of myself in a t-shirt holding the book. I then posted this reading recommendation and linked the two authors - two Harvard professors. The post got over 80 Likes & 3000 Views. The very best: The two Harvard professors sent me a contact request and thanked me personally. Awesome! Such a contact to globally recognized industry influencers á la Harvard or Stanford would have been simply unthinkable 10 years ago without social media!

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Markus Fleischer LinkedIn Succes 2

For whom is social selling interesting

Social Selling is very important for any B2B company. Especially in times of Covid-19, when there are hardly any physical meetings anymore, it is a great chance to get in touch with (potential) customers. From my point of view an absolute must for B2B companies.

3 tips, if you use LinkedIn rather sporadically so far, have a rather small and random network and your LinkedIn profile is more like a resume

First of all, get your profile up to date in a way that it is interesting for your counterpart. What do you offer? What qualities do you have? How can you help your counterpart?

Then it's off to the network: Who is your customer target group and who do you currently have in your network? How do you establish contact? Is an InMail better suited or would you rather comment on a post?

Again, a structured approach to content creation helps. I recommend a breakdown of 70 % news from the industry, 20 % news from your environment or your colleagues and a maximum of 10 % concrete product content. The social media channels are overloaded with product sheets and company offers, which nobody looks at anymore. And then I would say, you are "good to go"!

How the coaching helped Markus

I’ve made the greatest progress – besides learning about the toolkit and theory behind it – by your persistence pushing us to try new things! We usually had homework between sessions to implement learnings and had to show progress on our personal journey.

The Social Marketing & Social Selling Future of Markus

Going forward, I would like to refine my content creation skills and also generate more concrete business opportunities via. As next step I’ll test the video format and start an “AI expert series” to differentiate myself further.

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