Michaela Brugger


Michaela Brugger


Mental coach & psychologist
for executives and employees


Austria, Europe


BLB 5.0

My transformation

It was probably one of my best decisions in 2020 to participate in FRANSCHA's LinkedIn Bootcamp. For me LinkedIn was somehow not tangible, I was afraid to really show myself, to write posts, because I always thought it has to be so professional & I'm only allowed to show professional content. Also, I had the problem that my target audience as employees & executives didn't take notice of me & I only received contact questions from some sales coaches. At the same time, I knew that LinkedIn will be my medium to reach my target audience better.

The Bootcamp basically changed my entire appearance & user behavior: I even had a post that beat all records, which I never imagined: almost 4000 views, over 70 likes & 36 comments. I got a plan in my hand, how & which content I have to create, and how I can gain new contacts without falling with the door in the house: from about 650 to now over 900 contacts! Also, I was able to fill my free workshop "More joy & serenity in the job" in the follow-up targeted with participants & 3-5 new customers.

I am somehow still flashed I can only recommend Franziska Schaadt and especially Patrizia Czech, who led the Bootcamp, from the bottom of my heart, professional, grounded and they know what they are talking about. So if you want to learn Social Selling authentically, you are in good hands with them.

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