Nicolai Czink


Nicolai Czink


Director Strategy and new markets
A1 Digital International GmbH


Germany, Europe

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A1 Digital advises companies on digital transformation issues and supports them digitizing their various business areas. The focus is on industry-specific applications in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Cyber Security as well as on cloud-based products and solutions for the modern workplace. It is part of the Telekom Austria Group and thus part of América Móvil.

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Executive coaching

In my company, we decided to introduce social selling and strengthen this skillset across all teams. We were quite immature - we occasionally used Sociable to share some "Marketing" news in our LinkedIN networks, but the number and quality of interactions on social media was super low. Then we started working with Franziska. Within the first 2 sessions, she got us up to speed on how to write and spread social media posts to reach a broader audience. And immediately the number of views of my posts exploded ten-fold (from ~100 to 1000!). She did not stop there - how to present yourself in an authentic way on LinkedIN, find interesting contacts, how to best get in touch via social media. She really got us covered. And the best thing is: it works! The number of interesting interactions increases every day. Franziska: many thanks, and please keep up this great spirit that you brought in!

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Or contact the founder of FRANSCHA directly and make an appointment for a virtual coffee with Franziska Schaadt.