Sonja Heintschel


Sonja Heintschel


I am representing the best
photographers to match the clients
with their brand and strategy
national & internationally.


Germany, Europe


BLB 4.0

"I had gotten completely bogged down in the social media channels and the fear of posting nonsense inhibited me enormously from interacting with my network in any way. The bootcamp helped me to bundle my energies again, to become successfully visible in my market segment with clear positioning and to leave my comfort zone painlessly".

As the owner of a photo agency, I had been on the move for years on all kinds of social media channels and always got a bit lost. To be honest, I am also a bit shy. I've always been incredibly afraid to post something because I thought it might be nonsense.
So I was all the more euphoric, when I managed to get a place at the Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp. I finally wanted to learn something again and do something for my future and myself! I was ready to leave my comfort zone.

My transformation

The first thing I had to deal with in the bootcamp was the positioning of my profiles. Who am I? What does my company do? What do I offer and where is the benefit for the customer? You might think that all this is self-explanatory – but it is not at all! Together with Patrizia and the always encouraging feedback from the group, I then positioned myself step by step with my profile where I wanted to be seen by the network.

My success

The feedback I'm getting on my profile is amazing and makes me want to do much more. Now that I've lost my fear of posting, I'd like to strategically expand my network with the decision-makers who are important to me. If someone is looking for an expert in my industry, then let them find me.

What I particularly liked:

The Bootcamp was chronologically structured and introduced me to different topics in a great way. The structure also helped me to leave my comfort zone relatively painlessly. And with many small successes, I was able to lay the foundation for successful social selling.

My conclusion

I can only recommend the Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp!

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