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Sven Möller


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Social Selling Workshop


AUCOTEC AG develops engineering software for the complete life cycle of machines, plants, and mobile systems – with more than 35 years of experience. Solutions range from flow diagrams via process control and electrical engineering for large-scale plants to harness design in the transportation industry. AUCOTEC software systems are in use worldwide.

AUCOTEC AG commissioned FRANSCHA to give 21 employees an in-depth introduction to social selling in a series of workshops, with a total of four live coaching sessions.

Sven Möller is the Mobility Account Manager at AUCOTEC and has 9 years of experience at the company. He is an expert in data-driven engineering solutions with a focus on mobility and was one of the participants in the FRANSCHA Social Selling Workshop series.

From the moment of entry to the Game Changer

I had already worked with LinkedIn before the workshop and was able to establish a certain number of contacts. Although we have had a LinkedIn one-day seminar at AUCOTEC previously, I immediately changed a few things to my profile after the first coaching unit with FRANSCHA. The choice of the right picture and its cutout as well as the profile slogan are particularly important here. Optimizing these two things showed obvious effects: My about 950 contacts in the beginning of the training changed into >1000 contacts  after two training sessions.

Sven Möller Linkedin Profile

What I had set out to achieve with LinkedIn previously became clearer, more targeted and more aligned through the coaching. In times before the training, I had done a lot of things according to the trial & error principle - now I can more consciously use different instruments which the FRANSCHA team have taught us. I now approach the matter more strategically resulting in the first moments of success.

A conversation rarely takes place only by handing likes. It's not surprising if you don't get any feedback for this. Now I consciously comment on posts, interact and tag other users. This is how conversations originate and how the rate of profile visits increases. This interaction makes contacts more interactive and makes social media really become "social".

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The development of number of profile viewers of
Sven Möller’s profile during the coaching

Of course, we are also concerned with achieving goals, such as the sales of licenses. However, you don't want to put your counterpart onto the "hot seat" right away. First you build a relationship, build trust and connect on a human level. I understand that it's not just about business topics, but also about choosing an introduction to private topics, common interests, and thus warming up the relationship. Taking out the hustle and bustle and being human is extremely important here.

I meaningfully commented on a post from an exciting contact, this comment resulted in a phone call. Before I made my comment, he had no idea what I was doing, but as of now we have exchanged ideas and some presentation dates have been arranged. Without my comment, this exchange and contact would not have been made.

More “Aha” moments from Sven Möller

Although I wasn't a LinkedIn beginner, I had a few Aha moments: I didn't realize that the majority of users choose the access via smartphone or iPad and a close-up profile photo is mandatory to increase access rates..

It is also exciting to see that you suddenly get in contact with names and interlocutors who perceive you as an expert in a certain area, in my case, mobility. It is incredibly important to put your own person first and to build your own personal brand, even though I work for AUCOTEC. The company also benefits enormously when its employees have a strong personal brand. A well-developed network is also very valuable based on your interesting content, this makes you more meaningful.

It was also great to see what can be achieved with contributions that are not directly aimed at business: After a period of time, I had business-relevant appointments outside my home office with hotel accommodation. I posted this and surprisingly achieved a high response rate. Interestingly enough, people who took part in an online seminar shortly after, they had noticed me through this post and contacted me after the seminar because I had already triggered something within them by publishing my post. These connections would not have been established without my online contribution.

Post Sven Möller

People talk to people - and people buy from people. At the beginning of my professional career, I learned in a training session that you always act. It's the same with posts! You cannot just use a standardized template and expect biggest success in business. An interesting background information makes it much easier to engage and connect including personal level. You become a trusted advisor so to make it easier to discuss problems and work environment issues with your opposite to support him in the best way.

First successes

With a contact that I was able to gain through a post on LinkedIn, we at AUCOTEC are now currently working on a so-called proof of concept (i.e. considering a feasibility study). In this POC we will use consultancy and provide licenses to support his electrical harness project. The project might become a lighthouse-project to be reused for various other industries and customers. We talk about a concept and system solutions with potential moving forward.

The mood in the team

The training units with Team FRANSCHA were perceived as very positive and professional by everyone. Of course, there were participants of a critical nature who were always looking for the hook. But it was precisely these who ultimately requested a LinkedIn-Sales-Navigator license in order to implement what they learned. AUCOTEC gave us the leeway and we exchanged intensively internally. Our management noted this too, beside their typical ROI request. I am convinced that they will soon follow the positive spirit.


Personal perception of the training

The preparation was excellent. E-mails and provided documents came in advance and we tracked whether we fulfilled them. The training sessions were very interactive – including the use of special statistic tools. FRANSCHA addressed each participant by name. We were asked to take part in the training consistently and with concentration. That was very motivating for all of us. Technical problems were handled with the co-moderator in such a way that the group did not even notice. Really great!

The next steps

I currently have around 1,100 contacts and would like to add 300-400 valuable contacts over the next few months. I would also like to use the tools I have learned, more efficiently and in a more structured manner and I would like to further strengthen my personal brand.

Visit Sven's great profile now and pay close attention to his activity, engagement and his lively network.

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