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Switzerland, Europe


8 participants


7 month

Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is the electronic signature and identification service of Swisscom. It offers its partners and customers in the EU and Switzerland services relating to legally valid electronic signatures, identification, authentication, and remote access, which can also be used in strictly regulated business areas.

Interview with Marco Schmid

Marco Schmid works for Swisscom Trust Services as Head of International Expansion Strategy, i.e. he helps the company to analyze new markets and then develops a suitable sales and marketing strategy to penetrate them.

Marco Schmid

Why Swisscom invested in social selling

Swisscom Trust Services as part of Swisscom, planned an international expansion, the first parts of which have now been implemented. It was correspondingly exciting for the company to use social channels to enter the markets quickly and to establish contacts, which would have cost far more resources and probably been less successful in other ways.

With LinkedIn & the Sales Navigator, the company wanted to provide its sales team with tools and very good training in the area of social selling, so that the participants understand social selling and learn to use these tools strategically and goal-oriented. All participants were to be brought to the same knowledge level so that a good exchange could take place.

The Coaching

Between July 2019 and January 2020, FRANSCHA coached eight employees of Swisscom Trust Services. Four full-day events were held in Zurich on topics such as content creation and the Sales Navigator Tool. Besides, there were 10 online sessions, including 1:1 coaching sessions with the participants.

The initial situation

Swisscom Trust Services is in a special situation: while the parent company is primarily focused on the Swiss market, Swisscom Trust Services has a very clear international orientation. Its highly specialized team now had the challenge of undertaking an international expansion.

"Since we could not rely on existing methods from within the group for our international expansion, as the group is primarily focused on the Swiss market, it had to be examined very carefully in which area we could optimally deploy our resources. A key element of our approach was therefore to train the sales team in the area of social selling and to position them as experts, especially in the areas of awareness and lead generation. We wanted to build up a really good network".

Why social selling is the right way to drive innovative products forward

Swisscom Trust Services offers a cloud-based service for legally binding electronic signatures and time stamps of documents. Mobile ID and the Smart Registration Service in the area of identification are also available.

Electronic signatures were and are a strong growth area. The need for information is great. Positioning ourselves in this environment with our experts was therefore a core task within the scope of our international expansion. At the same time, the Swisscom Trust Services brand was still relatively unknown outside Switzerland. A combination that makes the use of social selling very attractive. Through Social Selling we can reach people & companies for whom the integration of electronic signatures into their processes or the creation of completely new methods creates competitive advantages.

Insights during & after the coaching

Marco Schmid was a participant and initiator of the coaching. Although he was already very active on LinkedIn before the coaching, he found the program very enriching, as all aspects were looked at again, he also learned some new things and was brought up to date.

"It is very helpful and important that we all speak the same language in the company now. The communication within the team is much easier and strategies can be defined efficiently. Everything goes hand in hand because we all have the same understanding.

It is also remarkable how you have managed to pick us all up: At the start, we were all at very different points and you still managed to make the program exciting for everyone and to motivate everyone. You really did a great job".

Additional, unplanned side effects of the coaching

Marco was positively surprised by the team-building effect that the coaching brought about. There was also a great team dynamic. Especially with content creation, especially video creation, FRANSCHA was able to stimulate the creativity of the participants.

"The long-term work always offered the opportunity to incorporate our strategy message into the coaching: Often this is dealt with in 1-2 events per year and announced to the employees. During the coaching, we were able to take up the strategy and our message bit by bit. We listened to how something is perceived, adjusted, and further considered. The employees were really taken into the branding and it was not a one-sided announcement of a new strategy. A great cooperation with many benefits.”

Marco's personal highlight

„The participants were given access to the branding, were able to identify themselves, and carried this further outward. It is a pleasure to see something like this. We were able to directly see the further development of the participants and the results that the coaching brought with it. That was really great!“

Successes that Swisscom was able to celebrate

What Swisscom was able to achieve with the 6-month coaching, among other things:

Significantly stronger presence in social media

Successful international expansion: brand awareness & recognition in new countries

Increased awareness of the targeted use of social media

Building a strong team in the field of social selling

Strong gain in visibility even among Swisscom's absolute social selling experts

The increased awareness of Swisscom Trust Services means, that the contacts in the network know exactly who is an expert in this particular area, who can be approached by the company, and who is a safe source if there have been legal changes, for example. This knowledge naturally leads to much easier interaction.

Swisscom employees are now perceived as trustworthy and a first point of contact based on their online presence radiating credibility. They are seen as experts. This has been achieved through continuous, consistent, high-quality content publishing. Thought leadership is exemplified here.

The customer now knows exactly where he is going when he is looking for an expert in the field of electronic signatures.

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