Tanja Menne-Leander


Tanja Menne Leander


Channel Account Manager
Österreich bei Trend Micro


Germany, Europe


BLB 4.0

One of my bigger challenges was finding my own interesting topics to post in my network.

"The statement of another participant about my LinkedIn profile – he would have no idea what I do exactly – became a turning point for me. 10 weeks later, my profile has an understandable thread and meaning. I also post topics relevant to my network, which make me and my expertise more visible".

I guide companies on their digital journey and motivate teams and talents to maximize their results by effective means. With my creativity, I help to find and implement marketing and sales concepts according to the defined target group. Traditional sales channels have changed radically, so it was important for me to develop and learn more about them. I was extremely curious to learn at the LinkedIn Bootcamp how I could successfully adopt social media and social selling for myself.

My Beginning

The first big aha-experience for me came through the statement of another participant about my LinkedIn profile: One of the first tasks was to analyze the respective profile of the group partner in teams of two and then give feedback to each other. My partner, an experienced manager, just said: "Tanja, I have no idea what exactly you do!  That's when the penny dropped for me.

My Transformation

Under the guidance of Team FRANSCHA, I worked on my "About me" section relatively at the beginning to be understood and clearly perceived. This was an important positioning work, in which group exchange was enormously beneficial for me. I had remarkably insightful and appreciative conversations

One of my bigger challenges was finding my own interesting topics to share with my network in the form of posts. However, with the tools and methods learned in the Bootcamp, this topic was smaller than I had feared. Already my first post was a success and achieved 84 % more interaction than all my posts before.

My success

My personal Social Selling Index on LinkedIn increased by 20 % during the Bootcamp and showed me that with courage, time, and the right methods a lot can be achieved. In the future, I want to post more articles and relevant topics, regardless of the industry.

My conclusion

I can only recommend the Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp to anyone who wants to stand out in the market and master the instrument of social selling.

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