Tobias Eickelpasch


Tobias Eickelpasch


Enthusiastic email expert,
Help experienced entrepreneurs
to successful email marketing.


Germany, Europe


BLB 4.0

"I had wanted to dive into the depths of social selling for a long time, but at the same time I had doubts whether I would survive a boot camp. After 10 weeks of stretching, kneeling and perfecting, I can say: it was worth it! I now know which content strategies lead to success. And when strangers tell me that my profile looks professional, I must have done a lot of things right. Thanks Team FRANSCHA!”

My Bold LinkedIn Bootcamp Experience

Tobias Eickelpasch is an enthusiastic e-mail expert and has been since 2008, having worked on over 100 projects and e-mail campaigns and held countless lectures and workshops. This makes him one of the most experienced professionals in the German-speaking world. He specializes in smart, automated e-mail processes.


Tobias has long had the desire to approach the topic of social selling and LinkedIn more systematically – but has never found the right opportunity until now. "When Franziska's call came that there was still a place available in the boot camp, I was really happy. I know from experience that the learning success in strong groups is hard to beat. But at the same time I had some concerns: Was I really able to get motivated and get involved in the program for 10 weeks?”


"My doubts were dispelled relatively quickly. From the very first lesson on, we went full throttle, and each time I wished we had had a little more time to go into some of the information in more detail. At times, I had to stretch myself quite a bit to meet my own demands. But it was also called Bootcamp and not a walk in the park! Finally, the moment came when a complete stranger wrote me on LinkedIn that I really had a great profile! Then I knew that the work had paid off. It felt great.

I'm glad that I not only perfected my profile at the Bootcamp, but now I finally know how to successfully create good content and where to find the relevant topics for my target group.

Looking back, I can say: The group dynamics of the Bootcamp appealed to me very much! You can easily tell when there are people in a program who really want to do this. The energy that is released during the Bootcamp, pulls you along as if by magic. It was really worth it!”

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