Social Selling: Discover Valuable Insights About your Target Audience

What is social listening?

A crucial part of social selling is social listening, also known as social monitoring skills, describes a process tracking everything that is being said about a company, individual, product or brand online and leveraging this pool of information in the best possible way.

The great added value of Social Media doesn’t necessarily lie in what we say, rather it is in what we hear! Every post, update, share, comment, etc. Offer valuable insight into your target group’s live, choice, preference and behavior.

Why do you need it?

1. The goal is to establish yourself as industry experts.

You are doing this by discovering what your client’s needs and challenges are. Especially if your focus is cross-industry do your research and know what the industry is developing towards. This will also improve your social sensitivity: Understand your target audience such as discovering a client’s needs and challenges and spot industry trends.

2. Boost the customer experience

Be present on a regular basis, identify when to engage and being able to have a quick reaction time to needs that are out there. Engage with them in the long-term and establish a relationship.

3. Reputation building & option to avoid cold calling

Automatically this will boost your reputation and position you as a trusted advisor. Moreover, it gives you an alternative to cold calling. In fact, 90 % of BDMs don’t react to cold calling anymore. Change this cold way of engaging by making it warmer: Listen to your customer and engage in key insights: What’s going on in their life, industry, interests?

How? Your Guide for Social Listening

1. Identify your followers

2. Who views my profile?

3. Who are my readers? (Content lead-generation)

4. Follow companies, influencers, show-case channels

5. Join groups / news channels

6. Search for relevant keywords

Curious to hear your thoughts on Social Listening! Let me know which tools you use to socially listen and share. Happy social selling everyone!

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